We are soapstar


When you see the long list of ingredients on skincare packaging, do you get confused? The SOAPSTAR story begins when founder Annemarie Sturkenboom’s best friend suddenly becomes allergic to almost all synthetic substances in skincare products. This is our story.

It’s a real challenge to find products that are free from the substances she is allergic to. And in addition to that, there are so many products with long lists of ingredients that will make you feel dizzy.

The will arises to create a transparent and high-quality skincare line, with an ingredient list that is free of unnecessary additives.

Annemarie starts by producing soap at home while testing it on her best friend and eventually launches SOAPSTAR at the end of 2020. A line consisting of products made from honest and high-quality ingredients. Only using ingredients that are truly necessary.


We only use the best elements from nature while minimizing our impact on the environment. All our products are free from unnecessary synthetic additives and palm oil. In our sanitizing hand sprays, for example, we use a natural bio-alcohol. The spray doesn’t make your hands feel sticky and due to the addition of inulin and natural oils, it repairs dry hands. Your skin will be nourished and will feel silky soft. To use is to believe.


SOAPSTAR creates skincare products that are suitable for everyone, including people with allergies to synthetic perfumes or synthetic preservatives. We only use what is really necessary and are transparent regarding the ingredients we choose. This way you’ll know exactly what you put on your skin while contributing to a better world.

Let’s do better together.